Every hotel carpet will need a deep clean.

Every hotel manager knows that carpet is an investment. Making carpet last requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Clean carpets will last longer and keep guests comfortable and coming through the doors. At satintouch, we provide deep stain cleaning to the hospitality industry in Duluth and the Twin Cities. Our service is thorough and professional—satintouch is a name you can trust.

Carpet Requires Regular Service

High traffic carpet requires regular service to remain clean and prolong its life. Frequent vacuuming is a must, and the most used areas of the floor should be vacuumed daily at least. Stains should be targeted as quickly as possible after they appear. Blot liquids with a dry towel, but do not scrub! Scrubbing can cause the contaminant to seep deeper into the carpet.

While a light-traffic area may require deep cleaning as rarely as once a year, heavily used portions of carpet may require a quarterly or even a monthly high performance hot water extraction. Hot water treatment can do wonders for a dirty carpet, pulling up most of the grime that weeks and months of tracking feet have deposited. What water can’t handle, a high-quality carpet soap usually can, putting a finishing touch on a carpet cleaning. A hotel that wants good mileage from its carpet have a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule and stick to it. The best way to stay on track is to hire trustworthy carpet professional who can be there when you need them.

Spot Cleaning

Having a diverse cast of guests coming through the doors often means a diverse array of stains. Guests are not always going to rush to the hotel staff after a spill to ensure timely treatment, and some spots may escape notice for days or weeks. Fortunately, a professional cleaner can often do a great deal to reduce staining even after the damage has been done.

Different kinds of stain require different kinds of treatment, or sometimes combinations of treatments. To treat an unknown stain, a cleaner has to carefully test likely products to find an effective solution. A one-size-fits all carpet spray simply isn’t going to do it. Deep stain cleaning requires someone who is familiar with the kinds of stains that are common and the best methods for dealing with them.

The best place to go for carpet services in Duluth, Minneapolis, and St. Paul is satintouch. We can provide regular cleaning service that will prolong the life and maintain the appearance of your carpet. By investing in your carpet now you will save money in the long run and maintain revenue by satisfying guests with a clean and comfortable space.