evictions are easy with satintouch

moving-tools-1-1529669Trash Out services lift the weight of liability off your shoulders

It’s never a pleasant situation, but it’s one that every property manager will encounter this issue at some point in his or her career – eviction and executed writ.
When it happens, the former tenant can only take what he or she can grab on their way out, which leaves a lot of large items still inside the apartment. And, the property is legally obligated to hold everything the tenant couldn’t carry for 28 days.
turnkey liability with satintouch
With Trash Out services, you can focus on renting the space, while satintouch worries about the moving, storing, and communicating with the evicted tenant about their items.
By using satintouch as a third party who is completely removed from the situation, we take on liability ourselves. When we perform a trash out, we photograph everything, create an inventory of everything in the property, we move all items off the property, and store them for the legally required 28 days. After the items are off the property in our facility, your trash out experience is over.
satintouch will hold all the items for 28 days, and after that period, all items become property of satintouch, Inc.
get money back
With a Trash Out from satintouch, you can get money back. We charge the property for our time to remove and move the items from the apartment to our storage facility. If the resident wants their property back, we charge them the same price that we charge the property, and then satintouch reimburses the property the sum charged to the property manager.
never too late for a Trash Out
If you haven’t heard about our service during an eviction process – don’t worry –we can still help.
If you have held unclaimed property for the full 28 days as required by law, we will pick up and remove all of the items for free.