satintouch gives back: Kindercare scholarship

At any age, intelligence can feel trapped by circumstance and access. Alexis, now 3-years-old, felt that pinch very early in life. Her mother, Paula, recognized the signs of her own childhood and wants her to get the best education she can receive.
After receiving a scholarship to Kindercare, a preschool facility, little Alexis proved that she was two years ahead of her cohorts in the cognitive process. In fact, in her first week in classes, she wrote her first word on her own – with no teacher prompt.
“It was like she was waiting for the environment to communicate her talent,” Alexis’ mother Paula said.
However, after the 3-months scholarship ran out, Paula, a single mother, couldn’t afford to keep sending her back to the environment that supported her advanced development.
“Financially, I couldn’t give her more.” Paula said. “I felt like I was holding her back.”
That’s when satintouch intervened. Chad Lange, also a son of a single mother, knows the struggles and the hopes of a mother who gives her all to help her child develop.
“All mothers have lots of jobs, but single mothers have twice as many,” Lange said. “I respect and support single mothers, like Paula, who are laser-focused on making life better for their children.”
The focus that one-on-one attention her preschool teachers give Alexis not only helps her continual cognitive advancements, but also teaches her a lesson Paula and her father were never able to learn as children: how to learn in a school structure. As all three family members have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), their intelligence was never a problem, but being able to focus was.
“My behavior in school was simply written off as ‘bad behavior’ by schools,” Paula said. “With this early start, I am seeing the changes and her excitement surrounding going to school to learn.”
Everyday, Alexis keeps advancing her large vocabulary and grammar not only in English, but Spanish. And, with a satintouch scholarship that allows her to continue attending Kindercare, strangers are sure to continue asking, “How old is she!?”