How to choose an accent wall

diy-painting-blue-1416732Usually, the best accent wall has no windows or doors, and is plain, short wall. Accents are a good way to add some flavor to the room without being overpowering. But, with every rule, there are always exceptions, and ways to bend them.
Here are some accent wall ideas, and guidelines.
Optical Illusion
For a long or narrow room, painting one of the short walls, usually the one farthest from the door, will make it appear to come forward.
Painting a long wall in a narrow room with a darker color will make it seem even narrower.
Draw Attention
To draw attention to a feature in your room, an accent wall is a good way to accomplish this. The feature can be a permanent part of the room or a movable element.
If there isn’t a focal point, painting an accent creates one naturally.
Create separate spaces
In large rooms that can have more than one function, accent walls can create the feeling of a new space within one room.