Organization tips for property managers

spiral-bound-notebook-1-1240231Property managers make sure that everything in the community runs smoothly. As the point of contact between the property owner and the residents, and works to make sure that both are happy. To do this means having some key management plans.
Contingency plans
Anything that can happen, will happen. Make sure that there are complete plans for occurrences that require rapid response like floods, recovery processes after a fire, etc. Having a ready-made plan ensures that even in a crisis, everything runs smoothly. And make sure that access is easy and understood by every employee who needs to know it.
Keep a list of a proficient companies that you can call as soon as they’re needed, rather than fumbling through directories. satintouch is always a good choice for apartment turnovers, painting, carpet cleaning, maintenance and repair and trash outs.
Digital solutions
Use Property management software to reduce the need for paperwork, and to submit information electronically.
Make sure that there is a way for residents to provide negative feedback, and for you to respond. The same applies to a communication channel with the owner – create a protocol for how to communicate about the property, and handling certain situations.