Reinvent your space

In the home, where do you spend most of your time? Just a guess, but it’s probably your living room. So it’s important this room is designed just the way you want it because it sets the tone for the rest of the house. It says a lot of about your personal style and you as a homeowner.
Here are some creative tips for your living room design that are sure to help get you started.
Set the Tone:
The best way to plan a room is defining its purpose. Is it for entertaining? Or do you want it to have multiple functions? Determining the room will overall help create a useful and comfortable area in your home.
Fixate on the decorations:
Once the purpose is defined, you now have to find a centerpiece: that one feature that draws the eye. Most of the time, it’s the TV. Instead, consider being more original with your living room design. Focus on something more personal to you, like photos or a painting.
Rearrange Furnishings:
Once the focal point has been defined, the next step is furnishing. In order to make things look fresh, you don’t have to buy new stuff. Instead create a whole new atmosphere with just a little imaginative rearranging. Before you start moving around heavy couches and loveseats, picture how the new arrangement would flow in your home. Remember, not everything has to be against the wall.