A Home Reinvented

satintouch helps save a house of a newly single mother in need.
Jennifer was living a fairly ordinary life. She had a husband, a daughter and a house.
The family worked, played, and were active members of their community on the West side of the Twin Cities. While this sounds like a safe and uneventful life, there was a dark secret her husband kept that would affect the life of Jennifer’s family completely.
“On the outside, he played the part of a great husband and father. He brought in money through his storm damage business and apartment he managed.” Jennifer said. “He played with his daughter daily after school, coached her soccer team, and was active in local politics.”
She trusted him implicitly. Was there any reason not to?
After 17 years of marriage, she found out that not only was he not paying taxes, but he made forged checks to deceive her into thinking that he had paid them.
Once it was apparent that he would not escape his debts, he fled to Arizona saying he had business. It was the last time the family would see him again.
“I depended on him 100 percent to take care of our family.” Jennifer said. “I kept asking myself, ‘what do I do now?’ But, I had no answers.”
Thankfully, the IRS did not find her liable for all the taxes owed by her husband, but she was still liable for what is considered her share of them.
She worked slowly to build her now single parent family back up by taking on a second job, and a new tenant in her home, but shortly thereafter was hit by another large setback.
“I was sure that I was going to lose my home.” Jennifer said. “My insurance company demanded that I repaint my entire home or they’d deny my coverage. I just couldn’t afford it.”
Losing homeowners insurance means Jennifer would have lost her ability to own a home. So she tried to find loans, and attempted to contract just the extremely difficult jobs to professionals to save money.
That’s when she met Chad and satintouch. When he heard about her situation, he had a simple solution.
satintouch reinvented details beyond a simple coat of paint. “He said he’d do it for the price of paint.” Jennifer said. “I was floored. That doesn’t happen everyday.”
satintouch painted the entire house, down to every detail, including the concrete basement to their mailbox and house numbers. They brightened the house, giving it a fresher look that would impress any insurance company.
And, it did. After seeing photos of the house, her insurance agency did not deny her homeowners insurance saving her house and family.
When Jennifer tried to pay satintouch for the paint, owner Chad refused saying, “Don’t thank me. Thank God.”
“I don’t know why I became so fortunate.” Jennifer said. “It’s been a very humbling experience. There really are still good people out there.”