satintouch designs our office

We love design so much, we redesigned our new offices in Minneapolis.
As a company that provides design & rehab services, we wouldn’t be very good if we didn’t redesign our new offices in Minneapolis.
To give our industrial space some style, we gutted this concrete facility then designed it to fit our brand.
To mirror who our company is, we actively chose to keep and add industrial looking elements to the space, but accent them with elements of high design and luxury. A perfect visual metaphor for what we do, immediately communicated to our clients upon entering the space.
With heavy warehouse doors on top of hard concrete floors, each office visually communicates the industrial backbone of what we do. Inside our offices, however, the bright blue supports the feeling of tranquility, our brand, and high luxury and design with a touch of home.
The modern white office furniture shows that we are forward thinking in our work. As white not only shows clarity and modernity, but it visually displays the cleanliness we keep in our own space, as white is not a forgiving color when it comes to stains.
In our owner’s office, the industrial feel meets the comfort of home with a modern touch. A regal wooden desk sits in front of a modern fireplace, one that is often found in apartment complexes, and a mantle to give the warm feeling of being home – something satintouch helps create for all of our clients.