The Benefits of a Vendor Partnership

shaking-hands-1240911Save time, money, and resources.
Reduced Overhead Cost
The whole set up for an in-house team can cost a fortune. Add to that the factor of uncer- tainty involved and it can be a pretty strong reason not to build in-house. By working with a vendor partner, costs for equipment, solutions, and educational expenses are no longer a concern.
Reduced Cost of Labor
Regarding operational costs, reduced cost of labor is the most apparent advantage of a vendor partnership, simply because employees are expensive.
“As Needed Basis”
It’s not often discussed regarding the benefits of a vendor partnership, but having a team of professionals hired on an “as needed basis” gives the freedom from committing long term associated costs like medical insurance, gratuity, and annual bonuses.
Easy Taxes
With a vendor partner, all tax burdens are placed upon the vendor giving your business a simple expense line that makes a great deductible.
Avoid Health Care Headaches
Beyond the cost of health care, navigating new healthcare laws and plans can be daunting. With a vendor partner, there is no health care obligation.
Better Productivity
On the surface, it may sound counter-intuitive, but better productivity will come from a vendor than an in-house employee. A vendor partner continually works to keep your busi- ness on current and new projects. They only keep them by performing their best.
We’re Never Sick, and Always Available
With a vendor partner, you never get a call that says, “I can’t make it in today.” We guar- antee that the job will be done when you need it to be done.
Free to Focus on What Really Matters
With a vendor partner, you know that the job of cleaning and maintenance are taken care of by professional staff. You’re free to build the community and focus on what really matters: your tenants.
A Vendor Partnership Saves Time, Money and Resources
For all these reasons, having a vendor partnership is the best way to save your sanity, your bottom line, and receive the best results.