Rehabs by satintouch: A Stress Reliever

Attract new tenants without all the stress with a rehab by satintouc
Every apartment complex ages.
What was once new and hip, is now aging and tired. In the apartment management business, reinventing your rooms is a part of the long term business strategy.
An apartment complex in Bloomington had apartments that weren’t in bad shape, but needed a facelift to give their aging apartments from the late 80s a new appeal.
They planned to rehab all their apartments in phases, tackling rehab work like new cabinets, countertops, color conversions, and some floor plan modifications.
“We tried to complete some of them ourselves, but soon found ourselves in a tight spot,” the Bloomington apartment manager Ted said. “We had a lot of units, and tight deadlines and a lot of detailed work.”
satintouch had worked with Ted at previous apartment complexes doing apartment turnovers.
“I’ve seen great work from them throughout my career,” Ted said. “When it came time to look for rehab vendor that does quality work, responsive, and meets deadlines, it was a no-brainer for me to call satintouch.”
With over 60 apartments and counting reinvented through rehab by satintouch, Ted continues to work with satintouch because, “working with satintouch lowers my stress, not just at the end of the month, but daily.”