Turnovers are quicker with a contractor

Turnovers are something all landlords dread.
Filling cracks, painting walls, sanitizing, and advertising — all of these tasks add up to valuable time and money.
The bottom line: every day without a tenant paying rent is a day without money coming in.
Having a strategy already in place will minimize the lost money from a vacancy while ensuring each unit is in tiptop shape for the new tenant. These are both in every landlord’s best interest.
Part of your strategy should include a good vendor who specializes in turnovers, like satintouch.
Specialists provide the experience and insight needed to complete a turnover fast, lessening the hit from an empty unit.
A standard turn involves cleaning the carpets, painting the walls, sanitizing and cleaning the suite, and completing minor repairs.
For smaller properties, vacancy will have a greater impact. Large properties can absorb costs, so it is in the best interest of small properties to invest in a turnover company to get a unit back on the market and filled.