Winter is coming!

Stay warm by keeping apartment units filled.
“Winter is coming.”
It’s not just a catch phrase from Game of Thrones, it’s reality in Minnesota.
For property managers in Minnesota, that saying feels like it refers to the apartment industry, not just the state we call home.
Once we enter Fall, the clock starts ticking not only towards Winter, but a window to fill empty units.
Winter is the most difficult season to fill vacant units in an apartment complex. Simply because it’s far too cold out for renters to move in and out! Nobody likes wearing layers and carrying a couch!
Empty units are costly – in any season. A vacant unit could cost an owner anywhere from $1,500 to over $5,000 per month when you factor in make-ready costs, advertising, and incentives to get the unit leased.
And turnover rates hover around the 50 percent mark nationwide.
But there are a few things you can do to help fill vacant units before the temperature drops.
First, having control over move-out dates can be a crucial factor in cutting maintenance costs during the time between tenants.
The best way to cut costs, while maximizing efficiency is to bring in satintouch to handle all of the stress and the details of turnovers.
After signing a contract, our experienced professionals will be onsite taking care of painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, and maintenance so you can focus on getting a new tenant in before the first frost flies.