Introducing satintouch Design

A service that not only increases your bottom line, but prepares you for a MADACS.
Reinvent the Way You Rehab Rooms
Every apartment complex needs rehab from the normal wear and tear of living. As you approach updates to your units, make sure to consider that a room’s rehab not only includes necessary functional updates, but aesthetic details that turn heads.
satintouch Design is your rehab solution. We see a room beyond the turnover and rehab. From timeless improvements – like subway tiles – to targeted improvements – including thematic retro styling – satintouch Design – we see a room reinvented.
Getting Down to the Details
From whether or not a bathroom mirror is framed to installing a backsplash in the kitchen, it’s all about the tiny details with satintouch Design.
Done By Deadline
When we enter a space, we take inventory of the details that are often missed or cut from a budget line to save money in the short term. With these elements designed and implemented in your apartment spaces, this redesign not only makes the space more functional, but also more appealing.
These details can mean the difference between being an average complex, to being viewed as upscale.
Reinvent Your Bottom Line
To attract a customer base with more money, it starts with a reinvented room with satintouch Design. With our insight and implementation, your apartment building can easily charge 100-200 additional dollars per unit. And, having an apartment over market rate isn’t unheard of for a reinvented room.
We understand the importance of getting through a project quickly while ensuring quality. Having a unit off-the-market digs into your bottom line, and we work diligently to reinvent your rooms on deadline.
Start Turning Heads Today
Once your complex has been completely reinvented by satintouch Design, people will take notice. So we recommend getting your pen and paper after you contract satintouch. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to ensure that your MADACS acceptance speech is ready.