East Bethel, Minnesota Interior & Exterior House Painters

East Bethel is a charming, rustic town located near the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. This quaint rural setting has 48 square miles of prairies, lakes, wetlands, and farms. It is also home to the Cedar Creek Ecosystem and Scientific Reserve.
If you’re an East Bethel resident, we understand that you want to improve the look of your home. You may want to protect your home’s exterior from Minnesota’s changing weather conditions, or maybe you want to do a little interior decorating.
Satin Touch can handle your next home improvement project. We have trained professionals that can improve the curb appeal of any home. Let us transform your house into a more beautiful home.

The Satin Touch Process

Satin Touch strives to provide first-class work and stellar service to our customers. Our professionals don’t cut corners in any home improvement job. We take pride in our work and do it right the first time.
Our remodeling experts manage each painting project with care. During an initial consultation, you’ll speak with our professionals about your goals and design expectations. They’ll help you to choose the best paint colors and materials for your project.
On paint day, our experts will prep the area, protecting any furniture, trimmings, or floors. We’ll work efficiently to get your job finished on schedule.
Our professionals will reset your room after we’ve finished painting. You can have it returned to its original design or a different layout. Satin Touch workers will remove all tape and tarping. We’ll also sweep floors and deep clean carpets to remove all dirt from the area.
During the final inspection, we’ll ask if the painting work meets your expectations.

Trust Satin Touch’s East Bethel Painters to Handle Your Interior Painting Project

Did you know that a new paint job will not only improve your home’s look, it can also brighten your mood? According to research, people have an emotional response to colors, depending on how bright and pure it is. Paint can transform our perception of rooms. Their colors can make them feel large and spacious, or small and intimate.
Great paint jobs make an enormous emotional and visual difference. Satin Touch painters can transform any space to match your style and aesthetic. We’ll manage every phase of your interior painting project, so it’s done quickly, correctly, and on schedule. Relax, and let us do the heavy lifting to remodel your home.
Our painting crews will handle all the prep work to protect your precious furniture and other items. Here are five advantages Satin Touch Painting will provide you.

  • Our home improvement experts will cover all cracks, holes, and blemishes before we apply the base coat.
  • Satin Touch will protect your home furnishings, trimmings, and floors.
  • We’ll select the right tools that will yield professional results.
  • You can choose gorgeous paints that complement your home in glossy, matte, or satin finishes.
  • We’ll clean up all areas after we finish your paint job.

Get a Professional East Bethel Exterior Paint Job from Satin Touch

Minnesota has extreme changes in weather throughout the year. Frigid temperatures, snow, and ice can damage your home’s exterior. These dings, cracks, and holes may lead to insect infestations and other problems.
Refreshing your home with a new exterior paint job can protect your home from elements and pests. It will also increase your home’s value and make it more attractive to potential buyers. 
Some homeowners believe they can handle their home painting projects on their own. These residents don’t realize that exterior painting jobs can be costly. The work can take weeks to complete, and if they mess up, they’ll need to repaint. Get the job done right the first time by hiring a professional company like Satin Touch. We’ll get your job done right the first time.  
There are five benefits that Satin Touch professionals will provide during your exterior painting project.

  • Exterior paint can improve the curb appeal of your home.
  • Fresh paint will extend the life of your home’s sidings and trimmings.
  • New paint will increase your home’s resale value
  • We use a licensed and bonded team.
  • We provide a satisfaction guaranteed policy.

Other Services We Provide

Satin Touch has professionals who can handle more than painting jobs. Ask our professionals to handle your other home improvement projects. We have the expertise to transform your home to match your vision.
We offer the following services:

Treat Your Home to a Makeover With Satin Touch

Satin Touch is a painting company located in East Bethel, Minnesota. Our professionals can handle your next home improvement project. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.