Hire Satin Touch's New Brighton Interior & Exterior House Painters

New Brighton residents enjoy their hometown’s unique attractions and restaurants. This Minnesota city sits almost halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. It’s also known for a striking, award-winning attraction called the Ice Castles, which features thousands of gorgeous icicles created by artists. 
If you live in New Brighton, we understand the harsh, natural elements that can damage your home. You can instantly increase your property’s beauty with a new paint job. Some people think they can handle this project alone, only to end up with a mess. Others leave giant splotches they can’t remove from furniture or flooring. A few people paint walls and borders with jagged, uneven edges.
Hiring an expert painting company can help you get your painting project done right the first time. You can trust Satin Touch to handle your next home improvement project.  Our outstanding experts will transform your property into a beautiful haven.  

Satin Touch’s Professional Process

Satin Touch’s process ensures that your home will look even better once our home improvement experts complete the painting process. Our professionals will protect interior edges and exterior trims from cleaning agents or paint. We’ll remove any furniture and other items that can become damaged.
Afterward, our professionals will reset your room to its original state. Satin Touch workers will deep clean your carpets and sweep up any paint chips on your floor. They’ll remove all traces of tape, tools, and other coverings. You’ll have a chance to carefully inspect our work before we leave your home.

Hire Our Interior Painting Experts for Your New Brighton Property

Some homeowners believe they can save money by doing their interior paint projects. Unfortunately, they make many rookie mistakes that end up costing them more money in the end. Some don’t know how to prep areas for painting, or the right equipment to use.
Satin Touch can handle all phases of your painting project from prep work until we apply the final coat. You’ll end up with professional results with less stress and mess.
Just sit back, relax, and let our home improvement experts take care of the hard work. We’ll complete your paint job correctly and on time.
Here are five fantastic advantages we provide:
Our painting crews will protect furniture, floors, and finishing.

  • We’ll spackle holes, repair imperfections, and apply base coats before painting.
  • Our experts will use the best tools to achieve professional results.
  • Our trained experts will work quickly to meet your goals and deadlines.
  • We’ll select beautiful paints in glossy, matte, or satin finishes that complement your home.

Hire our Exterior Painting Experts for Your New Brighton Home

Frigid temperatures and damp weather can nip and chip your Minnesota home’s exterior. A fresh paint job can restore your home’s beauty, making it appear bright, clean, and brand new.
Property inspectors say that new paint can increase a home’s value. Realtors believe it also improves its curb appeal for prospective buyers. 
Major paint jobs can take a few months to finish when you do it yourself.  Satin Touch understands your time is important to you. Our professional crews will finish your project in days, not weeks.
We’ll help you pick an exterior paint that will best protect your home from Minnesota’s harsh winters and summers. Our professionals help you choose complementary, eye-appealing colors for your home.
 Here are several benefits that a Satin Touch professional exterior paint job can provide for you:

  • Exterior paint is a quick way to improve your home.
  • Fresh paint makes your house’s siding last longer.
  • It improves your home’s curb appeal for potential buyers.
  • It increases your home’s resale value.
  • Exterior paint protects against insect and weather damage.
  • We also provide a satisfaction guaranteed policy.
  • You’ll have a licensed and bonded professional team.

Other Services that Satin Touch Provides

Satin Touch will transform your home into a comfortable space that matches your style and vision. Our design professionals can help make your home look beautiful and feel special. Not only do we handle painting, we also provide the following redesign services.

Hire Satin Touch to Give Your Home a Makeover

Our professional painters can complete your home improvement project and transform your home today. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation today.